Best Ergonomic Products Best Ergonomic Monitor Arm - Built in the USA

Best Ergonomic Monitor Arm - Built in the USA

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The Best Ergonomic Monitor Arm installs in 3 minutes for enhancing health and comfort by placing the screen at the proper height, angle and distance from the user. It also boasts a great return on investment by increasing productivity, reducing the need for valuable work space and avoiding time lost caused by working in non-ergonomic postures. This mechanical arm allows the user to change body positions frequently, which increases blood circulation and reduces eye, neck and back strain. The Best Ergonomic Arm is built in the U.S.A.


EASY TO INSTALL: Partially pre-assembled to reduce time. Quick-Connect Adapter helps mount technology.

MODULAR: Add extra screens for growing needs or remove screws to adapt to shifting work environments.

MECHANICAL SPRING: Provides smooth and easy adjustment and long term reliability.

DURABILITY: Solid construction of steel and aluminum provides unparalleled stability and 10 year warranty.

DESIGN: Sleek and modern to match contemporary spaces.

ENVIRONMENTAL STORY: Designed for disassembly using 98% of recyclable components and 13% of recycled content. Ships partially assembled to reduce shipping volume and footprint. Contributes to LEED credits. Lasts years without the need to be replaced.

UNIVERSAL MOUNT: Clamp and grommet adjustable to fit most work surfaces






Warranty Information

10 Years