Back Supports

  • 200 Sacro-ease Transportation Quick view

    200 Sacro-ease Transportation

     The Super Deluxe Model 2000 Transportation Back Support, one of the most deluxe auto seat models,12″ wide framed area,19″ at the wings. Comes with a plush rolled, pleated and heavily padded design for extra comfort. Having been in the...

  • Bax-U Posture Corrector Support Quick view

    Bax-U Posture Corrector Support

     The BAX-U Posture Support System is a high quality posture brace designed to promote better posture for everyday life style challenges. It’s an advanced solution to help everyday people to prevent slouching and spinal degradation, improve...

  • Convertible Leg Wedge Quick view


    Convertible Leg Wedge

    This bed wedge can be opened or closed to allow for the exact position you need to elevate and ease strain on the knees. Using this leg wedge can even help relieve the pain associated with varicose veins.

  • Coreback Lumbar Support Belt Quick view

    Coreback Lumbar Support Belt

    Our CoreBak™ Industrial Support offers comfort and support at an affordable price. Its design, including double side pulls and closures, provides strong support to the lumbar region for a wide range of activities and helps alleviate muscle...

    $32.42 $40.53
  • CorFit Advantage Belt w/ AP Pads Quick view

    CorFit Advantage Belt w/ AP Pads

    Focused Compression and Support Practical and easy to wear, the CorFit® Advantage AP provides maximum support and comfort for patients suffering from low back pain or injuries. With opposing side pulls, compression adjustments can easily be made to...

  • Corfit Industrial Back Support Belt 7500 Quick view

    Corfit Industrial Back Support Belt 7500

    A Lumbosacral Support with the same great sizing and features of the CorFit (page 29) in an industrial version for the working man or woman. Internal suspenders keep support in place prior to lifting and are more convenient than shoulder straps. Opposing...

  • Eco-Friendly Angle Lumbar Support Quick view


    Eco-Friendly Angle Lumbar Support

    The Eco-Friendly Green Angle is a unique lumbar traction device for those suffering from lower back pain. The Green Angle Pro diminishes pain while supporting the structural integrity of the spine, lessening the pressure on muscles and discs and allowing...

  • Ergoprise Angle Body System 3-Pack Quick view


    Ergoprise Angle Body System 3-Pack

    The Ergoprise Angle Body System 3-Pack The Ergoprise Angle Body System is an alternative lumbar traction device for anyone who enjoys reading in bed, who sits or stands for long hours each day, or who is suffering from persistent lower back pain. The...

    $189.00 $249.00
  • Keri Cush Memory Foam Back Cushion Quick view

    McCarty's Sacroease

    Keri Cush Memory Foam Back Cushion

    Keri Memory Foam Back Cushion is the ideal for back support in your office task chair or car seat. It's 1" thick memory foam/poly foam blend pad provides comfort and pressure relief when you are required to sit for long periods of time. This is...

    $125.00 $150.00
  • Lumbosacral Back Support Belt Quick view

    Lumbosacral Back Support Belt

    Cotton Twill Lumbosacral Support Cotton twill back panel with crisscross strapping system limits motion while stabilizing lumbosacral region. Back pocket has removable posterior pad for extra compression. Flexible stays prevent sides from rolling...

    $38.25 $47.81
  • McCarty's SACRO-EASE Ergo Chair Makeover Quick view

    McCarty's Sacroease

    McCarty's SACRO-EASE Ergo Chair Makeover

    Description & Features:   The New Visco-Elastic Foam back model combined with our newest Ergo Cushions to make the perfect chair makeover available. The unparalleled support technology with today's latest and greatest visco-elastic...

    $330.00 $379.00