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Ascend Monitor Slider

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As popularity of using multiple monitors grow, at the same time work-space shrinking, the Ascend Monitor Slider allow the user to make the best use of the limited work-space by placing the screens all the way to the back,  ad being able to adjust the monitors by sliding them closer to each other to eliminate the gap. This creates the need to add extra horizontal adjustment to bring the screens close together. The other issue we are seeing is that people are upgrading to larger widescreen monitors which makes their current monitor mounts obsolete, not being able to handle the extra width. This creates  the need to add extra lateral reach to place the screens farther apart from each other. The Ascend Monitor Slider provide that extra necessary range of motion to perfectly position the screens, whether by sliding  them in to close the gap, or by sliding them out to fit onto the monitor support.

The Ascend Monitor Slider works only with the following monitor arms: Ascend, Zuma and ErgoExtend.  


- Provides extra horizontal adjustment:  

  • 6.5" inward to close any possible gap between screens  
  • 6.5" outward to allow the multi-screen support unit to accommodate larger screens

- Allows monitors to be adjusted laterally while being positioned all the way back on the work surface

- 90 degree rotation for portrait to landscape screen positioning

- Adjustable knobs to regulate the sliding friction, or to lock the screens in place

- Minimal installation time

- VESA hole pattern to fit any computer screen

- Maintains the screen tilt functionality provided by the monitor support

- Available in Silver, Black and White.



Warranty Information

5 Years