Ergoprise Ascend Dual Hub Monitor Arm

Ascend Dual Hub Monitor Arm

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 With its clean styling and aesthetics, superior stability and silky-smooth operation, the next-generation Ascend family of monitor arms is truly in a class of its own.

In environments where larger, heavier monitors are required such as hospital imaging departments or design studios, Ascend is the answer. In fact, Ascend provides support for an industry-leading range of monitor weights and sizes, with light duty, heavy duty and dual screen models offering unmatched performance and reliability to meet the demands of today’s modern office.

Ascends 14-1/2" of height adjustability and 22" of depth adjustment also set standards for excellence. A rugged build with over-the-top elegant styling makes Ascend the highly sought-after monitor support solution. 

The ideal arm for two monitors, or monitor and laptop combo. Ascend offers the ability to independently move your monitors for improved ergonomic viewing and comfort. Designed with elegant styling, smooth operation, unmatched performance and rugged reliability the Ascend will meet the demands of today’s modern office or hospital environment.


  • Comes with clamp and grommet mount, ideal for all desk mounting configurations and minimizing SKU’s
  • Adjustable counterbalance gas cylinder provides 14 ½" of height adjustment with smooth fingertip control - Weight capacity of 5 lbs. to 20 lbs. per screen (10 lbs. to 40 lbs. total)
  • Weight gauge allows quick and easy counterbalance adjustment when installing the screens. Saves time and guesswork especially for multiple arm installations
  • Holds two monitors with a maximum overall width of 23’’ (each) at comfortable viewing angles
  • Double extension arms provide a maximum of 22" extension from the rear edge of the desk to the VESA Plate for optimal focal depth adjustment
  • Arms fold back to a minimum dimension of 5 1/2" to provide maximum work surface utilization on benching systems
  • VESA Plate rotates 360° for portrait or landscape viewing with 180° side to side rotation and -90° to +45° tilt for optimal viewing adjustment
  • Screens can be positioned all the way down to the work surface, ideal for users of bifocal glasses
  • Monitor mounting bracket, with Quick Connect adapter, contains both 75mm & 100mm hole patterns to match most screen types and is compliant with VESA mounting standards
  • Adjustable rotation limiter restricts arm rotation to 180°, preventing the fixed segment from hitting walls
  • Steel and die cast aluminum construction provides greater stability and contains high recycled material content with full recyclability Comes with tools and mounting hardware for quick and easy installation (Tool-free)
  • Multiple color choices include Silver/Gray, Black/Black and White/Gray to match any furniture or decor
  • Add 6.5" to width to each monitor by adding the Ascend Monitor Slider:
  • 5 year warranty



Warranty Information

5 years