ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Rest Pads
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ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Rest Pads

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ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Rest Pads

ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Rest Pads are the ideal solution for any chair with 6" to 11" arms. These cooling ViscoFlex memory foam arms offer ARMazing support to your uncomfortable computer chair arms that cause strain, pain, or discomfort during long periods of use. The Armazing's cooling memory foam will contour to your elbows and forearms, providing total comfort and ergonomic support while reducing pressure in your elbows,neck, shoulders arms and back which lead to increased energy and productivity.

-Contours to arms and elbows.
-Helps to reduce pressure points.
-Provides extra comfort and added support.
-Helps increase circulation.
-Helps maximize the benefits of ergonomic chairs and adjustable arms.
-Form-fitting design gives a built-in look.
-Proper adjustment reduces stress and repetitive motion injuries.
-Fits all adjustable chair arms from 6"-11".