Ergoprise Active Anti-Fatigue Mat
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Active Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Introducing the Active Anti-Fatigue Mat. This is the ideal anti-fatigue mat for the person that stands throughout the day. The elevated surface will keep yoou busy streching and moving your legs while standing. 

  • Elevated surface points allow for ease of movement, shifting of positions and stretching to help further reduce fatigue from standing
  • Mat combines movement features to stay active and polyurethane foam for comfortable standing
  • Active rolling bar allows users to fidget with their feet or massage foot arches
  • Rolling, fidget bar may help increase productivity and focus
  • Helps to engage different muscles while standing
  • Movable glides on bottom allow user to easily grip with foot and slide under workstation when not in use
  • Made out of thick, pliable polyurethane foam for maximum comfort
  • Great for use in personal workspaces, private offices and collaboration areas; Pairs well with any standing-height or sit-to-stand workstation
  • Available in Black to seamlessly blend into most professional spaces