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Power Source: Electric Legs: 2 Legs Work Surface: Laminate
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 The Uprise Height Adjustable Desk Stands Tall Amongst its Electric Standing Desk Competitors...

With its contemporary lifting columns, this adjustable standing desk base will amaze you with its functionality, reliability and unique components that will define itself amongst others in the marketplace. Rather than lock yourself in any particular sized base the desk is both adjustable in height and width! This adjustable height desk base telescopes from 44.5" wide to 74" wide, so the base is ideal for work surfaces ranging from 46" wide to over 84" wide. The Uprise Desk is ideal for anyone whom wishes to sit, stand or even add a treadmill so you can sit, stand and walk at your desk.   

This ergonomic standing desk with its thee stage columns ranges in height from 24" to 50" (this includes a desktop). The Uprise Desk has been weight tested at 400 lbs. Our base is certified at 800 Newtons per lifting column which equates to 180 lbs for a single column base, 360 lbs for a two column base and 540 lbs for the 3 column desk.         

With its sturdy 3 stroke lifting column the Uprise Desk moves at an astonishing 1.7" per second. Not only will you be surprised by the speed, you will immediately not hear the normal groaning and grinding noise associated with most desk motors. This desk outranks its rivals by offering an uncompromising noise level of only 39dB (whisper quiet) when being operated. The lack of noise is ideal for collaborative or cubicle settings & perfect for the home office environment as well.

3D Lamination Benefits

  • Dimensional Flexibility - Continuous, seamless construction allows for freedom to create custom shapes and edge designs. Customers can design both horizontal and vertical components without the need to coordinate edge banding materials. Edge banding/T-molding can chip/crack and separate from the primary surface over time. In addition, edge banding creates unattractive seams that can harbor dirt or other contaminates as compared seamless to pressed parts.
  • Increased Durability - 3D Laminates provides an overall higher level of durability when compared to other thermofoil products in the marketplace specifically in marring and stain resistance. The more durable performance provides a longer lasting, “like new” appearance over time.
  • Impact Resistant - 3D Lamination will not crack, chip or break as compared to HPL. With excellent impact performance, it allows end users to utilize 3D lamination in areas where impact resistance is important to maintain integrity of the surface.
  • Stain Resistant and Cleanability - 3D Laminates provide an excellent level of stain resistance to many common chemicals and substances found in the general office, home and medical environment. Stain resistant performance is comparable to HPL, with acetone being the primary differentiation between the two. In addition, 3D lamination provides for easy clean up, many times with just soap and water.

3D Quick Ship Laminate Worksurface




Designer 3D Worksurfaces - Made to Order (10 to 14 days to Produce)





Uprise Desk Base Features:

  • Telescopes from 44.5” to 74” which accommodates desk tops from 46” to 80” plus wide
  • Speed: raises/lowers at 1.7” per seconds up to 180lbs (including table top) 1.4" per second at 230 lbs to 275 lbs.
  • 3 stroke lifting column raises & lowers from 24” to 50.75” high
  • 360 lbs lifting power
  • 39dB level (whisper quiet)
  • 0.06W standby power consumption (one of the most green electric desks in the market)
  • Power consumption use in 280W
  • Anti-collision feature
  • Soft start/stop feature (least friction on the gears)
  • Control Box: maximum output: 29V DC, 10.0A 
  • Safety Functions:
    • Overheat protection
    • Overload protection
    • Timeout/leg unbalance protection
  • Comes in black, silver & white bases
  • 5 Year Mechanical and 2 Year Electrical Warranty. 
  • Choose from the Up/Down or 4 position LED Pre-set controller. 

3D Laminate Review


We hear from numerous corporate and home office users that ask us if our desk is sturdy becuase too many of them rock. We decided to video tape our Uprise 3D Laminate Desk (in the back) up against a VERY POPULAR discount desk.



The Uprise glides at 1.7" a second which makes it incredibly easy to transition from seated to standing position, while other discount desks take additional time. Click on image to see a side-by-side comparison:


The Uprise is also one of the quietest desks on the mark. This video was taped at standard volume level. It's important that desks do not make noise in a collaborative work environment, it can become incredibly distracting:




        Up Down Controller

     4 Position Memory Preset Controller


Equo LED Light
                               Equo LED Lamp - Available in Black, Silver, Orange + $198.00



Focal Upright Furniture - Mogo four-mobis.jpg muvman-colors-web.jpg
Focal Mogo - Available in Red and black + $99.00 Focal Mobis Standing Stool - Available in Citrus, Chili Pepper, Cobalt, and Black + $519.00 Muvman Standing Stool - Available in Green, Blue, Red, Gray, Black + $599.00



Trackless Keyboard Mechanism w/ 27" Wide HDPE "Green" Tray + $199.00



Designed to house and route cables, power strips and ballasts, NeatLinks improve access to and protection of technology used in modern workspaces. The system keeps technology and cords off the floor to maintain an organized work area and facilitate cleaning under desks. NeatLinks are designed for quick, easy installation—in any direction, to almost any plane—with two screws or mounting tape, and can be installed in countless configurations to accommodate each user and unique work environment.


NeatLinks Small - 17" 3.6" Dia/ Black NeatLinks Large - 24" 3.6" Dia / Black


Hardwood Locking (set of 4)  $39.00 Carpet Locking (set of 4)  $39.00



  • 75mm ( 3" Diameter ) Un-Hooded
  • Twin Wheel
  • 110 lbs Dynamic Capacity
  • Solid Nylon Construction
  • Soft Polyurethane Wheels
  • Optional Wheel Brake
  • Steel Axle
  • Color Black
  • Over All Height - Stem Casters - 3 1/2"
  • Over All Height - Plate Casters - 3 3/4"
  • Swivel Radius - Non-Brake - 2 3/8"
  • Swivel Radius - Brake - 3 7/16"
  • 60mm Un-Hooded
  • Twin Wheel - 2 3/8" Diameter
  • 130 lbs Dynamic Capacity
  • Solid Nylon Construction
  • Solid Nylon Wheels
  • Wheel Tread approx 1/2" wide
  • Steel Axle
  • Color Black - Gray Spokes
  • Optional Wheel Brake
  • Over All Height - 2 3/4"
  • Swivel Radius - 2" - Non-Brake
  • Swivel Radius - 3 1/16" - Brake



Price: Ranges from $75.00 - 79.00 dependant on size

NewLife™ Bio-Foam™ Mats are ergonomically engineered from plant-based resources and are designed to encourage proper circulation in your feet and legs. Each mat is manufactured with Cellulon™ renewable Bio-Foam™. The result is an anti-fatigue mat that supports not only your feet, legs and back, but the environment as well. NewLife Mats' one-piece construction includes a durable top-surface, a resilient inner core, a tapered edge, and a non-skid bottom certified as "high traction" by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Midnight is a deep, dark, eye-catching black with a brushed top-surface. A versatile color that helps pull any room together, Midnight is the perfect complement to virtually any other color. If your objective is to make the room look vibrant and enduring, then NewLife Midnight is the mat-color combination for your decor.



Price: $45.00


The Economy CPU holder is the solution for those individuals on a fixed budget such as students and small companies. It mounts easily to the underside of the work surface and is adjustable to either a vertical or horizontal position.

  • Mounts easily under the work surface
  • Adjustable to either a vertical or horizontal position
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable width (5.5" to 9.8") and height (15.4" to 19.7")
  • Stores safely under the desk and off the floor
  • Can be used for various models of CPUs
  • Perfect for those on fixed budgets
  • Can be customized to each workstation


Single Monitor Arm

Price: $109.00

Ascend Monitor Arm  &   Ascend Heavy Duty Arm

   Price: $139.00                             Price: $159.00

Dual Ascend Arm

Price: $189.00





Counterbalanced spring technology 
allows for 
2 to 14lb load





Standard Ascend Arm: Adjustable counterbalance cylinder allows for 5 to 20lb load maximum

Heavy Duty Ascend Arm: Adjustable counterbalance cylinder allows for 10 to 30lb load maximum. Ideal for Apple Monitors.




Counterbalanced spring technology allows for 15 to 40lb load maximum

(max 20lbs per screen).






                             Mahogany                                                                           Cherry



Modesty panel available for 30"x48", 30"x55" & 30"x70" work surfaces.




The Uprise Desk warrants to the original purchaser that the products it manufactures are free from defects in material, design and workmanship. With prompt written notice, Uprise Desk will repair or replace, free of charge, any product, part or component which fails under normal use because of such defect.
The following exceptions to the limited lifetime do apply:
Electric components and motors are limited to two (2) years, under normal operational conditions, subject to inspection and determination of the manufacturer.

This warranty does not apply to:
- Damage is shipment caused by a carrier
- Defects caused by improper installation
- Customer modifications to the product
- Products subject to improper use and conditions