Ergoprise 3 Rock n Stop Footrest
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3" Rock n Stop Footrest

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3" Rock n Stop Footrest -  FR6000BK

Rock ‘n Stop™ Footrests The ingenious Rock ‘n Stop leg design provides front to back motion as well as the ability to stop in various positions along the way. This encourages movement while sitting stationary, promoting both circulation and muscle stimulation. A stylishly designed, contoured shaped platform with smooth finished edges compliments any work environment.
The surface is grooved for both a non-skid application and  comfortable feel.

Overall Outside Dimensions:

  • 17 1/2”w x 11 1/2”d X 3 1/2”h (measured from floor to top of platform).
  • The Leg Design Incorporates a 3/4” Thick MDF for Stability and Rigidity.
  • A Corrugated Rubber Strip is Applied to the Bottom of the Legs. This Prevents Slippage on Most Any Floor Surface and Provides Longer Life for the Product.
  • A Sturdy and Attractive Vinyl is Laminated to the Footrest Platform to Guarantee Years of Support.