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October is National Ergonomic Awareness Month

Posted by on October 03, 2014

October is National Ergonomic Awareness Month


To encourage the awareness of Ergonomics in the workplace, home office, school or even coffee shop, Ergoprise wishes to provide a special discount for all orders placed online or via telephone for the entire month of October.

We want to be able to help inspire individuals to use the best equipment to make their lives happier & healthier. We realize that there are many options and it can be rather difficult to decide what is the best product to purchase especially if you are not able to see & touch an item in person.

For starters a great place to gather information is in our Ergonomic Advice Section. Here you will find product questionnaires for chair, keyboard & monitor mounts that will provide product specific suggestions for your individual needs. As well as a computer workstation self –evaluation that can help you to determine how items need to be positioned. Our Blog page is available to assist with honest & relevant information. It is easily searchable by many categories. Our Research Section offers wonderful information that helps to substantiate the how’s & why’s of ergonomics.

Lastly, if you are not sure how to meander thru a website that offers of 1,000 products we encourage you to call, email, live chat or visit in our Austin TX showroom. We are more than happy to spend as much time with you to discuss your challenges. Since we have the ability to use the items we offer, we can frankly tell you why we like a particular item.

To promote the necessity for using the proper furniture & equipment we invite all individuals to utilize the special discount code octergo at checkout to save 5% per item!

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